About the plan
About the plan

What is a regional transportation plan?

Connected KC 2050, the Kansas City metro’s regional transportation plan, serves as a blueprint for managing the region’s transportation system. MARC’s Board of Directors adopted the plan at its June 23, 2020, meeting.

Required by the federal government, this plan identifies transportation improvements for the next 30 years. As the metropolitan planning agency for the Kansas City region, the Mid-America Regional Council is required to update the regional transportation plan every five years. Connected KC 2050 replaces Transportation Outlook 2040.

Connected KC 2050 considers

The plan identifies needs and sets out a budget for federal transportation funds that the metro area expects to receive over the next three decades.

It contains:

  • Vision — a long-term vision for the region’s transportation system.
  • Goals and strategies — what the region wants to achieve by the year 2050 and how we plan to do it.
  • Transportation projects — major regional transportation investments that help accomplish goals.

Setting a regional vision

The planning process starts with a regional vision.

Greater Kansas City is a region of opportunity. Its robust economy, healthy environment and social capacity support the creativity, diversity and resilience of its people, places and communities.

Formed at the confluence of rivers, trails and trains on the border of two states, Greater Kansas City is a place of interconnection, where people of all backgrounds are welcome and where commerce and ideas flow as freely as the rivers and streams that run through and define it. Our people thrive here, in safe, walkable and well-maintained neighborhoods. 

We have abundant opportunities for education, and work in fulfilling jobs at businesses that can compete with any in the world. We enjoy, protect and preserve our region’s natural beauty. We care for our neighbors and our communities. We lead by example. Our region has the strength to not only bounce back from adversity, but bounce forward, confidently, into the future.

Connected KC 2050 outcomes focus on key elements that will help achieve that vision — vibrant, connected and green places and successful, engaged and healthy people supported by strong communities.

While the region is large, this plan recognizes the importance of planning corridors and activity centers. Below the map shows where the densest activity occurs around the region.

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